Chill out cafe in Dubai..

In Times square center , Dubai

it is very very and very freezing..!!

ok let’s start our journy

first you have to pay 60  AED as entrance ticket ..

by the way the cafe is very small ..

but it’s nice..

you know how’s the weather in SA 😀

we need plenty of places like this lo0ol


this is the logo on the jacket

and if you are wearing sandals you have to wear

ok are you ready?

did you wear your gloves and jacket?

here we go :mrgreen:

wo0ow every thing is made from ice 🙂

i liked the that the lights is changing all the time 🙂

let’s get warm and drink our hot chocolate..

and then let’s eat 😀

some of Dubai towers..

an overview

the end


hope you like it ❤


7 thoughts on “Chill out cafe in Dubai..

  1. Salam, Halah
    Thank you for your visit to my blog!
    I loved the ice photos;this is so unusual to find this in Saudia Arabia and is worth some pictures.

    I do pictures of places that I visit,including when I travel to French regions. Because I live in France 🙂
    Stop by my blog soon!

  2. wa aliakum alsalam..

    you’re welcome and your blog is very nice 🙂
    actually it’s in Dubai,United Arab emirates not in SA..
    and yes it’s unusual 😛

    woow how lucky you are living in France 🙂
    i love France and i hope one day i’ll be there soon 😀
    i will merci

    and thanks 4 your comment

  3. hi Hallah,i like your site,its very clever to teach to people a new language.^^& i just begin to visit;i ll come back soon .thank you!!!

  4. hi Hallah,i just pass because,i missed you…wish you a happy Aid el fitr..& let me some arabic cookies..xdd..see you soon little sis,take care of you

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