How to introduce yourself in Arabic


today i’m going to teach you how to introduce yourself in Arabic..

let’s assume that there’s a boy and a girl talking..

be noticeable coz there’s a different between talking to a girl and a boy..

i will color the differences..with Red

and separate between the characters in the word by ( – ) to make it easier for you to pronounce it

the girl : mar-ha-ban..

” hello / hi “


the boy : ah-lan..

” hello / hi “


the girl : ma  iss-moka ?

” what is ur name? ( for male ) ?

ما اسمكَ؟

the boy : Adam.. wa  an-tee  ma iss-mokee?

wa = and

antee = you ( for female )..

آدم..و أنتِ ما اسمكِ؟

the girl : ana Laura ..

ana = i am

انا لورا ..

the boy : cam om-ro-kee?

cam = how

omrokee ( old are you ? ) for female

كم عمركِ؟

the girl : om-ri  se-ta-ta  aa-sh-ar  wa anta cam om-roka?

omri = my age is

setata aashar = 16

wa anta = and you “for male”..

cam omroka? = how old are you ” for male ” ?

عمري ستة عشر و أنتَ كم عمركَ؟

the boy : om-ri  sa-ba-ta aa-shar..

omri = my age is

sabata ashar = 17

عمري سبعة عشر..

the girl : men ay-na ant?

” where are you from ? ” for male

من أين أنت؟

the boy : ana men ass-pa-nyah..

” i’m from Spain “

انا من اسبانيا

the boy : men ay-na antee?

” where are you from? ” for female..

من أين انتِ؟

the girl : ana men e-ta-ly-ah

” i’m from Italy “

من إيطاليا..

the boy : ee-la  al-le-kaa… ta-sh-ar-ra-ftu  be-ma-ar-ee-fa-tek

eela al-lekaa = bye / see you later

tasharaftu bemaarefatek = nice to see you

إلى اللقاء..تشرفت بمعرفتك..

the girl : wa ana eye-th-an

” me too”

و أنا ايضًا


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