“falafel salad”

Falafel Sandwich  is very common in Arabs countries 🙂

now you can eat it but in different way..

this salad taken from a program in TV 😀

Ok this salad made by my sister but i helped her

and i was a photographer :mrgreen:

well to be honest i made it one day 😀

here we go..^^

First for people who don’t know what is falafel

check this





now let’s know what are the ingredients..

(P.S it’s depend on how many people will eat it )

– falafel ..

– yogurt

– lemon

– pickled

– Lettuce


– mint

– Parsley ” very soft “

– grated carrot

– tomatoes ” cut it very small “

-Radishes ” cut it small too “

– Arabic bread 😀

for Sauce:

2 yogurt

1 lemon ” wrung it , we will use the juice “

1/4 cup of  Tahini sauce

salt ” as what you like “

small spoon garlic powder

a little a mount from water..

Ground Sumac




must be mixed 4 sure 🙂


now it will be arranged as layers 🙂

1st layer:

Arugula , lettuce , mint and parsley

2nd layer:

picked , tomatoes , grated carrot and radishes..

note: the fushia is type of pickled but i don’t know what do you call it in English 😳

3rd layer:

falafel + Arabic bread

then put the sauce..


bon appetit ^___^

hope you like it 🙂






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