i’m gonna miss 2010 😦

i loved it very
much ..!! 😳

coz i think i made something
during 2010..

i made / i did

a lovely feeling

when you say it..

tasting of
doing something that you dream about it always
is adorable .. ^__^

now as what you know.. we will start
new year , new life
and new person..

i wish if i become new person..

i would love to
change myself to the
. 🙂

i want to be what i used to dream about ..

and i believe by ALLAH’s willing i’ll
make it.. and at the end of 2011 i’ll

i did it

what i
always do i open my notepad and start writing what i did during the

Then, writing
new list of goals..

what i’ll do during next year 🙂

it is a wonderful
feeling.. when you strike through
something you wanted to do it and then you
did it


try to do it if you
never did..

it is new

new beginning


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