Wedding’s ring history

Do you know who invented the ” wedding/engagement ” ring??

Ok i’m very excited to share what i read about this topic.. πŸ˜€

well i guess knowing something from where did it come is something exciting, don’t you agree..?

here you go..



before i start i’ve to mention that, this is what i read and it was an Arabic article and i’ll write the summary and the main idea for youΒ  – lazy girl :mrgreen:

let’s go back over than 1000 year ago πŸ˜€

Pharaohs ( ancient Egyptians ) were the 1st people who invented it.. – and some people said the Romanian were the first- any way most of the articles that i read mentioned that they saw drawing that related to the pharaohs which were about the wedding ring.. and it was made from gold.. and the circle according to them was as a sign for the word (forever) << i liked it..!!

other one said:theΒ  Ancient Egyptians’ money were look like a ring, and if any one give his bride that ring – which is the money – that means he gave her every thing that he got << good job hehehe πŸ˜›

Romanian took it from Egyptians but it was silver πŸ™‚

another source said : Romanian were used to wear a circle of Roses on their head which means that those 2 persons are getting married.. then they changed it to be a colorful ring πŸ˜€

Some people said that a habit seen in the Greek culture but it wasn’t a ring..!! it was like a thread or a piece of iron-which links between the groom and the pride- holding their hands together.. and then when they get to their homeΒ  they cut it 😦

That’s all what i know about the wedding ring , if you know any thing just add it πŸ˜€

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