Welcome Ramadhan, new updates

As what you can see in this photo- the focused word – is Ramadhan (in Arabic رمضان )the holy month, taken from the holy Qur’an.

The translation of the full verse:

“The month of Ramadhan [is that] in which was revealed the Qur’an, a guidance for the people and clear proofs of guidance and criterion. So whoever sights [the new moon of] the month, let him fast it; and whoever is ill or on a journey – then an equal number of other days. Allah intends for you ease and does not intend for you hardship and [wants] for you to complete the period and to glorify Allah for that [to] which He has guided you; and perhaps you will be grateful.”  ( surat al-baqaraa , verse # : 185 )

Ramadhan will begin on this Monday 🙂

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What is Ramadhan?

It is the holy month and the 9th one according to the Islamic calender ,which lasts 29 to 30 day. The previous verse mentioned that in Ramdhan the holy Qur’an were sent down to guide the mankind. Ramadhan known as the month of : Qur’an(Because in Ramadhan it had been sent dawn and if you go any where in any Islamic country or even Muslims who are in non-Islamic country will read Qur’an more and more so Qur’an in every where on the earth will be read), mercy, forgiveness and the spiritual month. Simply, it is the month of fasting, it teaches Muslims to feel about poor people and remember them and to be more patient. During Ramadhan all the heaven’s or paradise’s doors are opened and the hell’s doors are closed.Unlike any other months, during Ramadhan all evils ( i don’t know how to say it in English but i’ll try to explain it ) become suspended, i mean they won’t be able todisturb any one while doing the worship, so now there are no evils .

When Ramadan arrives, everybody congratulates his neighbors and relatives. You can see the happiness all over.

Ususally people say: ” Happy Ramadhan or Ramadhan Mubarak (=blessed) .

Update 2-8-11: after the first day of Ramadhan, I confess that now i feel i’m different person, become better for sure thank God.

Update10-8-11: According to Islam presentation Committee in Kuwait, about 195 persons converted to Islam in the first five days of Ramadhan. Honestly, i’m NOT surprised day by day i hear or read about numerous number of people who converted to Islam.

You can see lanterns all over the city’s streets or in houses. Some people like to wear traditional clothes during Ramadhan. << these things are not from Islam, but it shows how people celebrate this month.

May be in some countries like: Egypt and some districts in Jeddah and Makkah ( I don’t know about other cities or countries) at the midnight you might hear some one as if he is beating the drums ( something like it ) and yelling: ” wake up sleepy…..”  to make people awake if they’re sleeping in order to remind them to have their ( sohur – the last meal before fasting not diner but like it ), but i think now there’s no more of (Musaharati ) – the man’s nickname.

Who are excused from fasting?

Sick, elderly, women who are having their menstrual cycle, pregnant or nursing and travelers . They will make up an equal number of days that they broke their fasting in, later- if they become healthy and able to fast. Kids begin to fast and pray from puberty, but some like to start before, any way they’ll get rewards too.

What do Muslims do during Ramadhan?

During Ramadhan, the Muslims know and believes that the rewards or we call it in Arabic ( Ajer “or” thawab) become doubled. So, Muslims well do a lot of worship beside fasting from daylight till sunset including: Reading the holy Qur’an, charity, not to insult or curse or even do or say something bad or bother someone ( No lying,fighting or having argument or cheat) , pray and ask God for forgiveness and to be free from the hell , pray sunnah ( additional prayers if he did it he’ll get extra reward if he didn’t he won’t get or lose any thing), pray salatu al-taraweh,this is a voluntary prayer that consists of reading the Quran during Ramadhan. In many mosques the whole Quran is read during Taraweeh prayers over the month. In some mosques it is read several times. Mainly most of Muslims and neighbors exchange dishes, visit each other and help each other. Some people like to do several dishes, dates and bought water and some juices in order to serve them to poor people and to eat with them.

I recommend you to read about the Islamic ethics/ moralities.

Update12-8-11: I forgot to mention, that if a Muslim feed another fasting Muslims he will get a reward too, for feeding the other person 🙂

Some of the Muslims are lucky to do (Umrah- for more info about it click here) and the reward will be as if they did (Hajj or pilgrimage ) with prophet Mohammed peace be upon him.

Years ago, it was something normal to see Makkah- specially in AL-Masjed AL-haram where you can find the Ka’aba – full of Muslims in Ramadhan only( I mean as crowded as what you can see in the photo) , but now because- thank God- number of Muslims increases day by day you can see the holy Masjed full of Muslims every day.

For your information, only Muslims are allowed to inter Makkah. So can you imagine this huge number of Muslims from all over the world..?!

you can notice the huge number in the photos.

Update12-8-11: in the 2nd photo you can see Muslims are bowing to God and facing the Holy Ka’bah directed to the qibla ( where you direct ourselvies when we pray to God in every where in the whole world ).

How can Muslims break their fasting?

The fasting starts after salatu al-fajer till salatu al-maghreb << this is according to prayers’ time.

to explain more, from sunrise till sunset avoiding foods, drinking and sexual relations during fasting. we don’t care about the time as what we care about rewards and focusing in the Islamic ethics, that’s why we learn how to be patients. During Ramadhan you’ll notice how peoples’ personalities change to be better.

I wish if all the months of the year were Ramadhan 🙂

REMINDER to Muslims: Don’t forget before salatu al-maghreb and till you break your fast, it is a time for accepting your prayers by Allah’s willing

We break our fasting by  praying or what we call it saying ” Doa’a ” when we hear the calling of al-maghreb prayer (in Arabic it call -al-athan-  you can listen to it and read the translation click here ) start with eating dates, if it is not available we can break it with water, then we eat any thing. By the way, we call this meal/breakfast  ( al-fotur ).

Why dates?

When a person is fasting, the glucose ( sugar) level in his blood become low , so you need to rise it up in normal way.

I mean not to eat for example a candy which might rise it up too much..!

and not to surprise your stomach with any other food! in order to avoid making your stomach upset..!

Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him used to break his fast with 3 dates.

dates contain a good level of sugar and it is sufficient to rise it up again.

can you tell me how Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him knew that?!!

Laylatu al-qader :

It is the most holy night during Ramadhan, because during it the Qur’an were sent down to prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. All prayers by God’s willing will be accepted in this night. It is unknown to the mankind but we know it might be one of those nights : 21st , 23rd, 25th , 27th ,29th of Ramadhan.

Why it is hidden?

To make Muslims do more efforts and if we know when it will be exactly we might become lazy during the month and just make effort in this night only..!! and we’ll lose all the rewards. Mainly people say the weather of the day after this night become moderate not cold nor hot and there are another signs but i don’t know how to talk about it :S

After Ramadhan, The 10th month will begin which called Shawal which has a special occasion called Eid al-fiter( i’llwrite about it later by God’s willing).

Finally, I wish what I wrote was helpful for you to know more about Ramadhan if you’re not a Muslim.

Muslims, I wish you a happy Ramadhan,full of spirituality, forgiveness and mercy. May Allah(= God) accept our fasting,prayers and worship, Amin!

And DON’T FORGET that prayers (I mean Doa’a) during Ramadhan by Allah’s willing will be accepted just ask God for what you want and be sure that Allah will accept your prayers 🙂
don’t forget to pray to all Muslims too , including me 😛

Let Ramadhan – after God’s willing-  change us to the better and keep on it ^_^

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