Happy Eid al-fitr to all Muslims

Eid mubarak to all Muslims !

May Allah accepted our fasting and prayers during Ramadhan.

The tenth month of the Islamic calender is Shawal, and the fisrt of this month Muslims celebrate this special occasion which known as Eid al-fitr عيد الفطر.

I promised my readers to write about Eid al-fitr. 🙂

so let’s our journey start ! cominciamo ( let’s start in Italian 😀 )

When does this occasion start?

Eid al-fitr, an Islamic holiday begins after some of Astronomers see the moon of Shawal . By the way, Ramadhan is not always 29 or 30 days it depends on the moon of Shawal if it was appear clearly in the sky, then we can say that this night is the last night of Ramadhan and in the next day Eid al-fitr will be. Eid is an Arabic word meaning “festivity,” while Fiṭr means “breaking (the fast)”. Other name for Eid al-fitr: Eid of Ramadhan, sure because it comes after the holy month.Usually, at the last week of Ramadhan Muslims start greet and congratulate each other by saying ” may Allah accept your fasting and praying ” or ” Eid sa’eed = happy eid ” or ” Eid mubarak = blessed eid” . At the end of the last night, Muslims provide charity which known as ( zakatu al-fitr ).

Salatu al-eid ( The prayer of this special occasion ) :

It is not a must but it is ( sunnah mo’akadah, which means: if some Muslims did it, then if the rest of Muslims didn’t do it it will be ok ) only two Rak’ah (= bowing ). Start from sunrise. What make it special that it has no calling of the prayer like any prayer during a day, but it has what we call it (Takbir ).

You can hear it click here

What do Muslims do during this day?

As I mentioned before the most important thing is the charity to poor people. Wake up early, take shower.  Muslims all over the world wear new clothes or the best one for this special occasion.Pray al-fajer prayer ( the first prayer of a day pre-sunrise prayer). Pray eid al-fitr prayer. Visiting families, relatives, neighbors…etc. Fasting during this day is prohibited. A lots of people give the children money we call it in Arabic ( E-deyah ) honestly not children only :mrgreen: . You’ll see every one is happy old and young. Sweets, candies and gifts exchanged every where. Some countries provide special carnival, special offer for every thing, fireworks…etc.

What I wrote is so brief just to give you a simple idea about this special occasion. And sure because i promised you 🙂

Muslims! remember, what prophet Mohammad peace be upon him said : ” Fasting six days of Shawal after Ramadhan is like fasting the whole year ” << if you can why not! imagine the rewards 🙂

Enjoy your Eid! 🙂

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2 thoughts on “Happy Eid al-fitr to all Muslims

  1. hi Halah,thank you,i learned more today about it.Wish you a happy Aid el fitr for you with your family & for all muslims..ALLAH bless you ^^

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