I need broccoli

When I say : ” I need broccoli ” it means that my health is not so good. 😦

My story with broccoli started few years ago, when I was with my family in a restaurant for lunch. I was looking to the broccoli on my mother’s dish – as if they were shouting : ” Halah eat us ! πŸ˜› – I haven’t tried broccoli before ! ,but I know – as Biochemistry student – that broccoli is rich in vitamins and minerals . My mother noticed my eyes and immediately said : ” do you want to try them? ”

I hate a habit in me that usually i don’t try any food easily :S , but something in me at that time pushed me to try !

and thank God i did try eating broccoli πŸ˜€

Now, I confess that i am addicted to broccoli πŸ˜€ and I invented some dishes with broccoli :mrgreen:

I want to take you in a tour to know more about broccoli and about vitamins and minerals that it contains.

Cominciamo – let’s start in Italian :S

Vitamins you can find in broccoli and their functions:

1- Vitamin A ( Retinol ):

I guess we all know how this vitamin is important for vision, growth, skin ,bone and teeth.

Deficiency of vit. A may leads to:

acne, dry hair, night blindness, growth impairment, isomnia.

2- Beta carotene: they are compounds that are able to be converted to vitamin A as the body requires.

3- Vitamin B2 ( Riboflavin ) :

Support energy metabolism, also good for vision and to provide you a good skin.

Deficiency of vit. B2:

blurred vision, depression, dizziness, hair loss, nervousness, numbness, sleepiness, loss of sensation and sensitivity to light.

4- Vitamin B6 ( pyridoxine ) :

Essential vitamin for amino acid and fatty acid metabolism and red cell production ( it is also essential for anemic ).

Deficiency :

Anemia, facial oiliness, dizziness, impaired wound healing, loss of appetite and also loss of hair.

5- Vitamin B9 ( folic acid ) : essential for all but very important to pregnant women, to prevent any mutation of DNA of the fetus in order not to lead to neural tube defects , so please make it a routine to eat any source for folic acid or even tablets for it..

Vit.B9 supports the synthesis of DNA and cell formation.

Deficiency may leads to:

Anemia, neural tube defects in fetus ( as what i mentioned before), diarrhea, headache, shortness of breath, insomnia and loss ofΒ  appetite.

6- Vitamin C ( ascorbic acid ) : who can live without vit. C ?! the most important vitamin and the most known one πŸ˜€

when you have flu, the people immediately say : “drink vitamin C ”

you’re tired : ” drink vit. C ” …..etc

Vit.C is very very important in the absorption of Iron and it works as antioxidant.

wondering what does antioxidant mean?

vit. C , A and E are working like antioxidants, which means that they fight the free radicals( toxins) that are produced after any biological process. So, they let’s say clean your body- detoxification .

Deficiency may leads to:

bleeding gums, impaired wound healing, joint pains, loose teeth and anemia – do you to impaired of Iron absorption.

7-Β  Vitamin K ( phylloquinon) :

important for production of clotting proteins and to regulate blood calcium.


Excessive bleeding due to delayed in the formation of the blood clotting proteins .


Minerals that broccoli contains:

1- Potassium ( K ) :

plays an important rule in muscle contractions and nerve impulse transmission, maintains fluid and electrolyte balance.

and it is good for your memory, provide it to your kids to let them have a super memory. Bananas are rich in K. πŸ™‚

Deficiency of K may leads to:

Edema, acne, depression, excessive water consumption , nervousness, muscle weakness, high cholesterol level and mental impairment.

2- Calcium ( Ca ):

for bone, teeth and blood clotting.


tooth decay, rickets, irritability, brittle nails, cramps and for sure osteoporosis.

I think for people who don’t like milk or suffering from lactose intolerance – when your body can’t digest lactose due to the deficiency of lactase the enzyme which is responsible to break down the sugar lactose which found in milk and dairy product- can take Ca from broccoli or other sources like green beans and spinach.

3- Magnesium ( Mg) :

Support bone mineralization,Β  work as co-factor for several enzymes, nerve impulse transmission and immunity.

Deficiency leads to:

Confusion, anxiety, heart attack, insomnia, nervousness, muscular irritability and weakness.

4- Iron ( Fe) :

it is important because it isΒ  part of hemoglobin – one of the red cell components and it is the carrier of oxygen.


Sure Anemia,dizziness, headache, hair loss , depression and brittle nails.

5- Zinc ( Zn ):

part for several enzymes, help in the production of genetic material , transporter of vit.A, wound healing, sperm production and normal development of fetus.

it is also good for memory :mrgreen:


Brittle nails, delayed sexual maturity, delayed wound healing, depression, hair loss, impairment growth, male infertility, night blindness, disorders in memory, eczema, high cholesterol, diarrhea, acne, depression and immune impairment.

Wish you always to be in a good health πŸ™‚

take care of your health always ^___^

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