From the Vatican to Makkah, the story of Ayesha – an Italian revert.

I guess now, most of the people who know me, know how I really really really love Italy, Italian language, Italian food and Italians :mrgreen:

I will write about them, later, if God wills 😉

One day, I was reading my time line on Twitter, I noticed ” Italian Muslimah ”
* Muslimah = female Muslim, if you don’t know 😀

her tweet replied by one of who I am following, anyway, I was curios to know more about her revert story, I really love to know  how non-Muslims convert to Islam and why they chose and accepted Islam.Although, I already know the truth, but I like to know about others’ thoughts, why do they leave drinking – for example – for the sake of God?
By the way, she is the first revert Muslim that I had contact with, usually I watch them on Youtube, God knows how I love them!!  Now, she is not only a friend, or a teacher for me she is my sister, too! and I am really proud of her 🙂

Hint about Islam, females and males are like brothers and sister, so a Muslim will never feel lonely, that what prophet Muhammad, may peace and blessing of Allah be upon him, taught us, to be like one body to be brothers and sisters, to care about each other, like this…etc

before I paste her story, you have to know that, I didn’t shock when I know that she is Italian and Muslim 🙂
because thank God, Islam is not only for Saudis or Arabs, Islam is international. In Islam we don’t care about your nationality, color, education, job, money, clothes….etc because to Allah(= God) we are all equal and the difference is in piety ( Taqwa )

Oh! one more thing :mrgreen: I want to share with you this quote: ” Islam is not about “we’re better than you”. Islam is about “let me show you something that is better for you” ”

So, if someone talked to you about Islam, you have to know, that this person wants to show you the light, wants to open the door for you to show you a wonderful life, a life that no one will feel it EXCEPT who is truly Muslim, I am not saying that because I am Muslim, No! that what written in the Nobel Quran and Muslim reverts said that,too! when they became Muslims + he/she surely want to protect you and to keep you away from the hell!

So, take it seriously 🙂

In the name of Allah, we start…

Her inspirational story 🙂

How I came to Islam…I left my hometown back in Italy, in January 1998. I wanted to study English in London and then back at home I would have found a job. My idea was to be a tourist guide in Rome or around Italy. I needed English as the main language. So I left Italy. I was only 18 and I didn’t know anyone in London but it was an adventure…

Once in London I started to look for a place where to sleep…yes I know crazy!! But really I didn’t know anyone… In the end I found this place and stayed for the night. The day after, I was already in search of a job and a college. As days went by I was getting more apprehensive as I couldn’t find any job and money was running out very quickly…I found myself, in this chapel in central London and decided to go in and pray. I was really sad and felt lonely… I knelled down and started to pray to God. I was never the kind of Christian who would pray to Jesus. I prayed to God alone and asked Him to help me. While I was crying to God, a priest came out and was surprised to see a young lady crying and praying. He came over and asked if I was ok. He said to have patience because God rewards those who have patience… I felt better and left…But my prayer on that day was answered one year and a half later…

At this point I was thrown out from the place where I was because I couldn’t afford the rent. So I had to pack my things and went in search again of a new place where to stay. Later in the evening I met some Italian girls. They invited me to stay with them in a youth hostel. It was a hostel ran by Christian nuns and the place was open only to girls. I started a new life in this ‘convent’. I was never a shy person and to be honest I was always the heart and soul of the party. But that year I was in for a surprise that changed my life forever!

To start with I found a job and that meant I could afford the college where to study English. I met some lovely Muslims at work. They would spend hours talking about God. I would ask them about Islam and the Qur’an. Sometimes I would get upset because they would say Jesus was not the son of God. “Why? How can you say it?” – My answer was. I particularly spent time with this guy. We spent entire afternoon in Hyde Park (A Very large park in Central London, UK) talking about Islam. I even bought a Bible and would defend my Religion. He would take the Qur’an with him and back his facts.

The same guy, he then introduced me to his family and his sister in-law talked to me about Islam. She was a convert too and showed me pictures of her when she used to be a Sikh. She used to be the life of the party too…I thought “that’s me now” – and I looked at her with admiration because she had the gut to change her lifestyle and her situation for the better! She was pure and reborn. I felt the need to do something.

So I left her home…She said many things that touched my heart. I was patient and believed in God. While I was walking back home that day…I heard a call…it was the ADHAAN(= the calling for prayer time) in my ears. Never had I known it existed, never have I heard such a beautiful melodic sound. Allah was calling me to success! (One sentence in the Adhaan says ‘Come to prayers! Come to success!’ I did not know that back then)

So I accepted it HIS (God) invitation and took the shahada (to bear witness that there’s no God but Allah and Muhammad peace and blessings be upon him, is the Servant and the final Messenger of Allah) one week later.

[Shahada: After uttering the words of the declaration of Faith and believe in it with your heart you become a Muslim, a servant of God]

The duas I made that day in that chapel was…”Oh Allah if you really love me, then guide me to what’s right. Ameen.” Allah guided me because He loved me but it took more than one year of patience for me to accept Islam as a way of life, the same ‘patience’ (sabr in Arabic) the priest was talking about that day in the chapel. My life changed totally.

I used to club and drink. I used to smoke and take drugs! There was not a party in town that I did not attend. My life was very sad, full of friends but lonely! Allah loves me; I know this for a fact because He saved me from that life! He saved me from a life of sadness, loneliness and misery! I don’t feel blessed…I feel humbled and HONOURED because Allah chose me. He could have let me in despair. I was lost in the dark. For those who knew me before, they now look at me with respect. I was the heart and soul of the party! I am now nourishing my own heart and soul.

Oh Allah guides my family too. Ameen.


Ameen Ya Allah! may Allah guide her family.

All praise is to Allah!! When Allah loves someone, he will guide him, he might send a Muslim to him/her, or anything, Allah knows!

Ask yourself, what make a woman like her, leaves: drinking, parties…etc and become Muslim?! 🙂

Ammm, aren’t parties and drinking make a person happy?! But she found something more happier full of joy 🙂

Did you notice her life after converting to Islam?

Masha’a Allah! (= Literally, Gods will, But we – Muslims- say it if we like something )


Some of her tweets:

1) #30thingsaboutme Islam has defined me as a person and gave me a purpose in life! I’m ever so grateful to ALLAH ta’Ala.

2) I was lost in jahiliyah! I can’t tell you how lonely and sad I was! They may convince you that you are best w/o Islam.That’s a lie!

3) Islam brought peace in my mind, love in my heart and gave me a purpose to live for. Alhamdulillah.

You can follow her and enjoy her tweets by clicking here: ItalianMuslimah

May Allah make me with her and who we love , neighbors to prophet Muhammad ( may peace and blessing of Allah be upon him  ) in PARADISE, Ameeeeen! 🙂

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14 thoughts on “From the Vatican to Makkah, the story of Ayesha – an Italian revert.

  1. It’s Leyla @1LeylaRodriguez 🙂 what an inspiring story. Jazak Ellahu Kher for sharing. I to am a revert Alhamdulilah now 11 years. May Allah Ta’ala continue to guide us to the straight true path of wisdom and increase our faith in Him and never leave us to go astray. Ameen Ya Rabb Al Alameen.

  2. Truly an inspiring and heart touching story! Just as Allah SWT says “Indeed, you do not guide whom you like, but Allah guides whom He wills. And He is most knowing of the [rightly] guided.” May Allah guide us all to the right path!

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  4. And the important part, she has become productive after becoming a Muslim; 27 000 tweets & 8 000 followers. Just like the story of Omar, he was an average person before Islam, but since he converted to Islam, he has been considered one of the most influential person in human history.

    Interesting blog 🙂

    keep it up

  5. Masha’Allah, you really Chosen & blessed by Allah, deffinately you are now above & higher in the Good deeds then us (Born Muslims), Allah converts All the sins of previous life into Good deeds. . . Alhamdulillah.
    May Allah give guidance and mercy to your family . . .Aamin.
    Remember me in your Duas
    Jazak Allah.

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