When I couldn’t sleep!

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It was almost 3:00 a.m. 
I couldn’t sleep. Everyone was sleeping. My mind was over-thinking! My tears was about to fall..
My heart was beating so fast..
No one was there for me!

Except, my love; the One and the Only ❤

I started talking to Him, I know that He listens, He knows everything, He is going to answer me, and He is going to take my hand and guide me..
I cried, and cried..
I told Him what I feel..

He knows, and He is going to reply.. I’m sure!

I finished my talk with Him.
I felt like if I’m the happiest person on this planet!!

Yes! I was crying, but after my talk with Him I felt something else! ❤ ❤

To be with Him while others are sleeping is a big gift from Him..

When He inspires you to pray, you’ve to know that He is going to answer it; He knows what is best for you..

He is the One and the Only; Allah ( =God)

Try to talk to Him, if you haven’t!


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