Do you have a mole?

Do you know that moles can be a sign for melanoma (= skin cancer) ??

Melanoma usually start from a mole!

Let’s know how to distinguish between the normal, regular mole and the dangerous one; the cancerous.

We have to check for ABCD:

A: Asymmetric. Check for the symmetry. Try to draw an imaginary line, does it look symmetric or not?

B: Border. Check for the border, does it have even or uneven edges?

C: Color. Check for the color, does it have more than one shade?

D: Diameter. Check for the diameter, is it less than 6 mm or more?

Kindly, see the photo 🙂

melanomasPhoto obtained from: here

Wish you all a safe life! 🙂

* The idea of this post taken from Ms Rosemary, my medical terminology teacher.

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