My favourite applications – Android

Here are some of my favourite apps on my android phone :mrgreen:

No need to post my social network apps 😛

So, let me start with applications for learning new languages (especially Italian)


Advanced phrase book, tourist language  rosetta stone are for learning any language you want to learn, they’re helpful 🙂

Hello-Hello – Italian ( you can download any language you want)

Talking translator is my favourite one! It’s better than Google translate 😉

I’m in love with Italian verbs application :mrgreen:

It makes it easy for me to learn them 😀


For English-English translation I prefer Merriam-Webster 


I don’t use a lot of Islamic applications, cause I don’t trust what others may provide through their apps, anyway, my top application is Azkari (English & Arabic) It has all the supplications we need 😉
This app also can read for you 😉

Tv Quran (I think it has more than one language) you can choose whom you want to listen to, and what sura (chapter) you want to listen to, you can also download them 🙂


The apps which I use frequently :mrgreen:

They all for editing your photos 😉
Each one has its own effects and features, I like them all. By the way, I edited these photos by picsArt (it’s the 1st time for me to use it :mrgreen: )


Because I forgot a lot :$
I started using ColorNote, it’s a sticky notes on your screen or you can keep your notes in the app.

Boat Browser, my favourite web browser on my phone

Evernote, this app made my life easier lol :mrgreen: cause I write lots of notes on my phone, sometimes I need them on other device, so this app made it easy 😉
You can sync not only written notes, but also photos, places and vocal notes 🙂


Hope these apps could benefit you one day 🙂

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