Why Italian?

Why Italian?!”

It’s one of the most questions I always get!

And now you’ll know the answer 😉

Since my childhood, I used to be that little girl who wanted to stand out always and to be like no other, or as what I like to call myself (Limited edition :mrgreen: LOL ) 

Only few girls in my English class (elementary school) were good at English, I didn’t like to be just like those who were good! I wanted something else! So, I started learning French! At that time, I was able to introduce myself in French :mrgreen:

I couldn’t practice French, so most of what I learned gone with the wind! 😦

Learning a new language” Was and still something so appealing to me, it is a passion!

In 2010, I was in Dubai, in front of the dancing fountain, my heart skipped a beat when I heard something new to me!!

As it is known, there’s something called love at first sight, but to me, it was love at first hearing! *Sounds crazy! :mrgreen: *

It was the first time I hear Italian language! I seriously up to date, don’t know how I recognized that it was Italian!!!

Obviously, not only my ears were listening, but my heart, too! ❤

When I came back to Saudi Arabia, I decided to start learning Italian, because I’ve fallen in love!! I’m in love with this language!

Learning Italian language has opened my eyes to Italian culture :”)

I learned a lot about Italy, Italian food, Italians and their culture..

Now I’ve Italian friends, and non-Italians who are living in Italy…

Other reason for learning Italian is that most of those who are learning foreign languages here in SA are mainly learning: Spanish, Japanese, Korean, English, and Turkish…etc

You got the point, right? 😉

Finally, I’m really happy and proud of having my Italian friends, grazie mille e vi voglio bene

The sourse of the photo: http://www.trentini.com.br/images/noticias/2012-03-21_851b6ed6aa85b83cabc63a10a776bf96.jpg

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