About Me & my world

Hello, ciao, ni hao, hola, hallo, mirhaba, konnichiwa, namaste, مرحبًا

welcome to my world..

I’m Halah from Saudi Arabia.. or arabia saudita ” in Italian ” 😀

halah or al-hala in Arabic means aura or halo. It is the circle around the moon 🙂

( Have you noticed that you can read HALAH from left to right and from right to left, lol! :mrgreen:

I am a Muslim by birth, photographer by hereditary, reader by nature, learner by curiosity :mrgreen:

Born in December 7; 1989,  Biochemist and a Research Scientist to be 😉

I like learning languages, currently I’m focusing on Lingua Italiana.. and Farsi  Urdu Spanish 😀

I would like to help you if you are interested in learning Arabic language..

I created this blog to improve my writing skills in English and to let you know more about Arabic & Islamic culture  I’ll  also post Arabic lessons and other things so it’s a general blog 🙂

My hobbies are : reading , photography and writing..

I write, because according to my own dictionary writing means healing 🙂

And I write, because one day I’ll pass away, so my words will be memory for those who care and who don’t 😛

I adore books

Books are my drugs! If I’ve not read a book during a week; I feel headache! @_@

I love: myself, me and I :mrgreen:<< it doesn’t mean I’m selfish nooo! You have to love yourself..

Look deeply and you’ll figure out something you’ll love about yourself..

I like to know more about different cultures …

I want to be very effective and I want to imspire others, I really want to leave my finger print before my death

To conclude:

I am a limited edition ahahaha ” 😛

I think this is enough 😛

I think you’ve noticed that I’m a talkative person, masha’a Allah! 😀


Halah ^_^


24 thoughts on “About Me & my world

  1. Hi
    I’m currently in Saudi Arabia originally from u.k. I am finding the Arabic language difficult. I was studying at a language centre which unfortunately closed down. do you have any advice for me? I have noticed there is less access to learn Arabic for non-natives.

    Btw, like your site.

  2. Hi Nadia..

    welcome sis.. ^_^

    it is good to read that you were studying it in a center…

    that mean you took the basic right?


    1 – listen a lot to Arabic speakers even if you don’t understand what they’re talking about..

    2- if you know a little Arabic just Practice it.. to not 4 get it 🙂

    3- if you want to save any word and you think it is difficult just wrote it in a note and put it in any place where u can see it all the time ” mirror is good choice ”

    4 – youtube << from this site i learned a lot..^^

    5 – here is a site i think it is very useful


    6- if you need any help i'm here to help you 🙂

    enjoy being in Saudi Arabia^___^

    i'm glad that u like my blog ^_^

    • Thanx for the advice,

      yes, I have a bit of the basics.
      I defo need to increase on my vocabs though. The links will help me with that.

      Mind you, the centre was great, Arabic grammar is so intense.
      I think there’s too much to learn with grammar. It really didn’t help me with the local language.the local dialect uses different words in some cases.
      Thanx for your support x

      • Hi again.. 🙂

        you’re welcome ^_^

        well to be honest i’m always telling my friends that Arabic grammar is not easy..!!

        i’m not saying that to make you disappointed but just to let you know..

        some of Arabs themselves see it difficult..!!

        but coz i know that you want to learn it so you’ll what ever it is difficult or not you will learn it 🙂

        now i’m busy with my final exams 😦 wish me the luck..

        but sure i’ll be here to help you..later..

        salam ^_^

  3. Good luck!! Study hard and rest well!

    “The more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in battle”
    Martial arts maxim.

    He used this phrase in a business sense. I’m sure u can apply it here too.
    It’s about planning and preparing to get the results you want.

  4. hello im in U.A.E(united arab emirates) from singapore but im a muslim my neighbour is a half christan and a half muslim because her father is a muslim and her is christian what should I do? P.S good website may ALLAH bless u

    • Hello Muzaffar, welcome my brother 🙂
      Amin! and may Allah bless us all 🙂

      ok, I understood that her mother is Christian and her father is a Muslims, right?
      But you didn’t mention anything about her? is she Muslim or not?

      If she is not, you can call her to Islam, explain Islam to her, give her books, websites that are talking about Islam 🙂

      tell her about the similarities and differences between Islam and Christianity 🙂

  5. 1 time i heard that if u draw a potrait(some1) in the day of judgement the pictures tells u some of ur soul. Is that true and why?

    • Look honestly i’m not a very religious woman, but I’ll tell you about what I know.

      Some of the religious men said: there’s no problem with photography and drawing, but making creating models ( as if you’re daring to say O God I dare you!! and we know that know 1 can create everything except Allah ) and for me I agree with them.
      And sure not to draw or take a photograph for what make Allah angry upon you.

      Some said: photography and drawing are haram ( prohibited ) only for special circumstances ! ” and they’re few ”

      I hope you get it..

  6. Buongiorno la mia sorella:)
    I am from Turkey, Ankara. Study english translation and am learning italian at the moment. I found your blog while i was searching about l’italano and musulmani. İt is nice to be here with muslims. İ am same with you, ı admire books, especially the last book of Allah, it is wonderful:) and ı love talking.
    See you sister, tale care:)

    • Buonasera Emine,

      Glad to read your lovely comment 🙂

      Feel free to visit my blog 😀

      I’m happy to know someone who shares a lot in common with me 😀

      A presto sorella!


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